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Try The Holistic Approach?


What is Quantum Care?

The Quantum Care program will help you achieve your goals! Making subtle, sustainable changes and being proactive in your health is the Quantum Care way. 


It all starts with a quick blood draw in the privacy of your home or at a local lab of your choosing. We work with several lab companies and local phlebotomists to assist you in the most comfortable, safe and efficient blood draw. 


Dr. Musselman and her team assess a comprehensive panel of 90 biomarkers including but not limited to; blood glucose, minerals, inflammation, renal, liver, gallbladder, vitamins, electrolytes, iron markers, hormones, metabolic, lipids, proteins, thyroid and CBC/hematology and white blood cells, just to name a few. A team member will be happy to review a sample FBCA during your consultation. Just ask! We want to be transparent in the process and help you achieve your optimal best! 


Customized protocols are individually based on your Functional Blood Chemistry Report (FBCA). A team member will review your FBCA with you and align your goals with a personalized Quantum Care protocol. We are here for your through the entire process and in the years to come. Simply book a session online with us, when you need us.  

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1800 W. Woolbright Rd.
Suite #101

Boynton Beach, FL. 

6877 SW 18th Street
Suite H-121
Boca Raton FL 33433

Retreat Sites

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East Delray Holistic Spa Resort

Location: Delray, FL

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Zen Holistic Retreat

Location: Tampa, FL

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Luxury Holistic Oasis

Location: Tampa, FL


Quantum Care Backs the Blue

Discounts for Military, Police, & First Responders!

 For Active Duty & Family Members



“The Quantum Care program got me in the best shape of my life at 45! Inside and out! I increased my optimal biomarkers by 12 with my personalized protocol and have never looked or felt better! It’s all about the bloodwork!! My probability of thyroid dysfunction is gone and I have improved my hormone and immune function. I took the power of my health in my own hands and it made all the difference! By evaluating my comprehensive panels and looking for the physiological trends within the biomarkers, I was easily able to follow my individualized protocol for optimal results… All my friends are asking…what have you done? The results are amazing!! 

-S.M. D.N.M. Ph.D

"As I sit here typing this, I know I have become more driven, more fueled, much more energized as a result of the Quantum Care program- and I FEEL, HEALTHIER & BETTER!!!! My pain has reduced significantly, I often don't feel any pain at all. I seem to be getting better and better mentally, faster, fitter, stronger- at 48- that is something to say. I now get a sense I was shut off sexually- due to not really going after a partner. I am now clear what I am looking for and going after it. It is difficult to put into words the effect on my overall feeling of health. This study also made me more conscious of my emotions, and so made me take better care of myself. I experienced negative emotions when I did not take of myself, eg. went to bed too late, ate badly, and these seemed to be more potent than before- I think I just became more sensitive- more in tune with myself. The result of this was, I went to bed earlier, sometimes 7-8pm, but I wake up powerful and charged to handle the day ahead. I LOVE THIS- THIS IS THE BEST RESULT I COULD HAVE ASKED FOR!!!! What more could you want? ENERGY is EVERYTHING! I am taking more breaks to meditate and using the colors has profound results, as does the deep breathing, even in small doses. I have to do this practice more to connect myself to myself and to others, and the Cosmos. This is more powerful than any book. You can literally feel your BODY Awakening- as you have given it no attention for years!!! I have no doubt this program can help anyone, of almost any age, as long as old enough/able to concentrate. It maybe more powerful than food, as food does not make you feel like this, but of course should be used alongside a healthy lifestyle- as a means for personal and spiritual development, and Health. 10/10. WOW!"

-T.V. Male 51

“I have been working with Dr. Musselman for 3/4 years now and the results are outstanding! I knew she was special for the start. No one had ever taken such a comprehensive assessment of my health and addressed the root cause. I was in great shape when we started and it blew me away that I could be in even better shape! The blood doesn't lie, it truly is the library of the body. Working with Dr. Musselman has improved my outlook on life and overall mental health. The people around see the difference and I have the bloodwork to prove it. I  increased my optimal biomarkers by 7 after the 1st protocol and my testosterone has increased. I am the strongest I have ever been and my drive and motivation are inspired by the Quantum Care. She has truly changed my life for the best. My vision even improved! I have worn glasses for as long as I can remember and I don’t need or wear them anymore. Truly incredible, thank you Dr. Musselman.”

-S.L. Male 44                Real Estate Entrepreneur

"I had been having strange symptoms that were progressively getting worse and I couldn't figure out what was going on with me. I was getting really bad vertigo but it was different than the description of most vertigo I read about. I have never suffered from depression but I was definitely feeling down and with low energy. Luckily a nurse friend of mine  recommended that I get blood work done with Dr. Musselman and I am so happy I did!!! My blood tests showed what the issues were and Dr. Musselman created a personalized Quantum Care protocol with recommended supplements. I started feeling a little better within 1-2 weeks and I haven't had an episode for months now. It is so amazing!!! I still have a bit more work to do but I am so so grateful to Dr. Musselman for helping me feel good again! Thank you thank you thank you I am so grateful!"

-N.F. Male 52

“Thanks to the Quantum Care program, I lost 35 pounds and I feel like a million bucks! Dr. Musselman’s recommendations were easy and I have never felt better. I love my skin, and I actually take my shirt off now, at the sandbar! Thank you!"

-L.C. Female 39
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