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Quantum Care Press Release

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Be Happy...
Be Healthy  

Dr. Stacy Musselman helps you reach the stars with her Quantum Care program. This holistic healthcare program provides you with easy to follow steps and guidance to live your most joyful and healthy life.

She does this using Functional Medicine principles in conjunction with a holistic approach to healthcare that puts the patient first...

Dr. Stacy Musselman

Atlantic Ave: Quantum Care for Optimal Health

Have you been to the doctor with a specific complaint only to leave without an answer or solution to your problem?

Dr. Musselman knows about this scenario all too well. That is why she examines your bloodwork through functional meth-ods that lead to appropriate answers for your medical issues...




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Featured in Delray Magazine, Dr. Stacy Musselman speaks on how life changing Quantum Care can be!


As Featured In 

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As featured in Beauty, Wellness, and Beyond Magazine, Dr. Stacy Musselman speaks on how her practice brings overall beauty and health to all and many!

Simply The Best! 

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The Best Woman in the Business.

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With a master's degree in nutrition nutrition, and a Doctorate and PhD in natural medicine, board-certified holistic health practitioner Stacy Musselman was inspired to create Quantum Care...   


It's what we do.

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